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Hi, I'm Miki. I love watching porn and making myself feel gooooooood with all sorts of things :) So, I wanted to share some links with you and give you a tip about how to communicate with Japanese girls! Japanese girls love non-Japanese guys. I know it, because I do, too!

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HI, can you cheer me up?
Hi, it's been a while. I've been going through some tough stuff... Can you cheer me up??? I need to some distractions... Hagemashite kudasai はげましてください。

Wow, it's been a while
The summer is here! Which means I have to get rid of some extra cute meat around my tummy.... I would go to a yoga class like this

If you want to say hi to girls at a yoga class, you could say like "Hi, you are really good at yoga. How long have you been practicing it?" They would be happy to answer your question like that.

Yoga jyouzu da ne. Dorekurai yatteru no? ヨガ上手だね。どれ位やってるの?

Happy New Year! 明けましておめでとう!
Happy New Year to everyone :)
A new year has started, and I hope this year will be a very good one. I become single at the end of year 2013, (ugh!), and I am going to meet a great man this year!

In Japan, people say "Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu" to greet and celebrate a new year. We say it only after the new year has come, and this is different than "Happy new year" in English that most people start saying before the new year comes.

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It's almost Christmas!

It's almost Christmas. In Japan, many people are not Christians, but Christmas has become an important event for kids, families, and young people. Christmas eve is a romantic event especially for young couples, and they celebrate and spend a hot night together.

Here are some words that you could tell your girlfriend.

I missed you. --> Aitakatta yo.
You are so beautiful. --> Tottemo kirei da.
Your skin is so soft. --> Kimi no hada ha tottemo kirei da. (it's more natural to say 'You skin is so beautiful.')

Hope you'll have a great night with your lady!

メリークリスマス! Merry Christmas!

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Free Japanese porn
Don't do this on a real'll be arrested, but there are many places where you can actually do things like this :)
There are called Imekura!

This AV joyuu (porn star) is Saori Hara (原紗央莉).

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I am back!
Hi all, I am finally back! Sorry for the huge delay.
I was in a relationship, being happy and having sex almost every day.
Good or bad, I lose myself in a relationship, you know.
BUT, he just dumped me last week, guhhh! I'm so sad... I feel so lonely.
Maybe I'll become one of the video chat ladies to meet some guys online.
Yeah! That's a good idea, right?

Here, a short Japanese lesson.

I am sad. --> Kanashii.
I feel so lonely. --> Totemo samishii.
Don't leave me alone. --> Hitori ni shinai de <-- this is what I would say right now :(

Kimono beauty
Oh man, I need to have sex like this...

If you can't watch it, click on "View with FC2 Videos".

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More Ero Sites
Do you like AKB48, Aumi Hmasaki, or Namie Amuro? you may be able to meet girls who look lite them through these websites!

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♡Japanese Lesson 4♡
OK, maybe you sometimes want to have "normal" conversations to gain your gentleman-ness, maybe? :)

What do you like to do? (What is your hobby?) --> Shumi wa nani?
Do you like sports? --> Supo-tsu wa suki?

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♡Japanese Lesson 3♡
Here are some compliments you can give to the girl you chat with ♪

"Your skin looks so smooth!" --> "Kimi no hada, tottemo sube sube shiteru ne!"
"Your hair is beautiful!." --> "Kimi no kami no ke kirei!"

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♡Japanese Lesson 2♡
"Do you have a boy friend?" --> "Kareshi iru no?"
"When did you have sex last time? --> "Itsu ecchi shita?"

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♡Japanese Lesson 1♡
Here are some basic but useful Japanese terms when you chat with cute girls!

"What is your name?" --> "Kimi no namae wa?"
"I'm John." --> "Watashi wa John desu."
"How old are you?" --> "Toshi wa ikutsu?"

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Cute girls await you!!!
Well, this is another ero live chat site. I'm searching a good chat site to join, and this site may be a good one.

♡Japanese Lesson♡
"Can you show me your beautiful breast?" --> "kimi no kirei na oppai misete"
"I wanna see your cute breast." --> "kimi no kawaii oppai mitai na~"

Good luck!

Oriental Movie
Hmmmm, this site makes me wet. It has both anime and real people sex videos. The girls in these real world videos are like the amateur girls next door. That's so horny to show their secret parts so openly!

♡Japanese lesson♡
"You are so cute" --> "Kimi sugoku kawaii ne"
"You are so beautiful" --> "Kimi sugoku kirei da ne"
Try these when you chat with cute Japanese girls!

Real Japanese porn!

OK, this site is totally eroi! Eroi means sexy and horny. If you search Japanese porn from America, you often end up watching non-Japanese Asian having sex. But this site is not. I get hot by watching this site so easily♡